Accountants Norfolk

Individuals and Landlords

It’s not just businesses which need personal tax advice. You might be a pensioner with savings and investment income, or a buy-to-let landlord. Or perhaps you own a holiday home. Any of these scenarios might mean that you would like some advice on how to minimise your personal tax bill.

Savings and Investments

If you are an individual with savings and investment income you might need to fill in a personal tax return. We can help you decide what needs to be included on your tax return, what doesn’t (because there are some investments which do not need to be reported) and submit it online to HMRC for you.

Buy-To-Let Landlords

Investment and savings returns have been variable in recent years and some investors have opted to invest in a buy-to-let property or portfolio of properties. Income from property needs to be reported to HMRC and any tax owing needs to be paid via your personal tax return. We can advise on what expenses can be set against tax, help you prepare property accounts and submit the information as part of your personal tax return.

Holiday Homes

‘Furnished Holiday Lettings’ (FHLs) are also treated as property income, but FHLs are treated as trades for some tax purposes and in fact have some tax advantages over other lettings. However they do need to meet some special requirements and the rules vary for UK properties versus those in the European Economic Area. Contact us if you have a holiday let and are in need of ongoing advice as to whether your property meets the criteria and for advice on the tax aspects of your lettings business.