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If your turnover is higher than the current VAT threshold (currently £83,000) you will need to register for VAT. You might want to register voluntarily in some cases, even if your turnover is below the threshold. Registration can be a minefield but we can help you decide when to register, which VAT scheme to register under and how often you need to submit a return.

Once registered, we will review your book-keeping and get you up and running so that you can provide the information we will need to complete your VAT returns.

If you use book-keeping software you can complete your own VAT returns. However, VAT can be complicated and you might feel more comfortable having a professional complete and submit them for you, which is where we can help.

VAT Inspection

An advantage of having us complete your return for you is that you will have our support available to you should you have a VAT inspection – this support is available by arrangement.

Anyone can have a VAT inspection – taxpayers can be selected at random, and every VAT-registered business can expect one at some stage.